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Black High Density Foam Roller with Smooth Texture for Even Pressure Massage Therapy


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$21.99 / Each (USD) SKU: M164BK36RO
Length (in.):
Roller Shape:
  • Extra Firm Density Available in Different Lengths and Two Shapes
  • Black Composite Prevents Discoloration and Scuffs or Scratches From Showing
  • Available in Half Round and Round Shapes
  • Half Round Rollers Are Used for Foot and Leg Stretching or to Massage Arches of the Feet
  • Fully Round Rollers Allow Comfortable and Controlled Rolling
  • 6" Diameter Provides a Comfortable Height for A Variety of Floor Exercises
  • Available in 12", 18" and 36" Lengths
  • Shorter Lengths Allow You to Target Small Areas
  • Longer Lengths are Ideal for Back, Hamstring, and Quadricep Exercises
  • High Density and Smooth Texture Create Deep Tissue Pressure
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Black High Density Foam Roller - Extra Firm Smooth Texture for Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Medifor's line of CanDo® smooth texture high density foam rollers allows for self-administered myofascial release (SMR). This activity allows your own bodyweight to target specific pain areas to help stimulate and relax your muscles. Massage and physical therapists use the PE foam rollers to help patients live life more comfortably by massaging knots, trigger points, and sore muscles. Available in round and half round options in 12", 18" or 36" lengths, we have what you need.

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Buy More Than 10 and Save 10% off Your Order

We want to make it easy for you to restock or replace your existing foam rollers. Let us help you equip your physical or massage therapy office with brand new foam rollers to have enough at hand for you and your team to replace them as necessary. High density foam rollers are a lot more durable than softer density options and offer the best long-term performance. Keep your foam rollers fresh and your clients happy. Interested in making a bulk order? Contact us and a member of our team will be ready to help you.

Benefits of High Density Foam Rollers

Our high density foam rollers are most effective for deep tissue massages because they provide the most adequate pressure for intense muscle therapy. The color black represents the industry standard for hardest density, providing an easy way to locate your foam roller when you need to use it. Using high density foam rollers on a routine basis can:
  • Relieve muscle soreness, tightness, and inflammation
  • Increase joint range of motion and improve flexibility
  • Be an effective tool for warm-up or cooldown during workouts and therapy exercises
  • Reduce tension and back pain
  • Relieve fibromyalgia pain
  • Help you relax by reducing stress hormones
Foam rolling is a safe and inexpensive way to help the body recover and increase physical comfort. We also offer antimicrobial foam rollers with additives that help protect against bacteria and odors.

How To Use A Foam Roller Properly

Note: Always consult your doctor or physical therapist before beginning a foam roller routine.
  1. Locate the sore area of your body
  2. Slowly lower your body so it is centered on the roller
  3. Use your bodyweight to adjust pressure on the roller
  4. Using light pressure, roll sore areas until you feel relief
  5. Depending on your level of comfort, hold for 10-30 seconds
  6. Adjust your body to find the most effective technique
  7. Focus on your breathing
  8. Drink water after your workout to hydrate and expedite recovery

Keep Your Foam Rollers Clean

Cleaning and disinfecting your foam roller will not damage the material. Use mild soapy water and a damp cloth after every use and allow the roller to completely air dry. To ensure the material will not be impacted by UV rays, avoid keeping it under direct sunlight for extended periods.
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