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High Density Foam Roller for Physical Therapy and Muscle Therapy

$28.99 (USD)


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Length (in.):
Roller Shape:
  • White PE Foam Roller Available In Choice of Lengths
  • Choose Round or Half-Round
  • Suitable for Physical Therapy, Muscle Therapy, and Rehab Exercises
  • 6" Diameter Roller
  • High Density Smooth Foam
  • Half Round Rollers Typically Used for Legs and Feet
  • Durable PE Foam Resists Mildew or Mold
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White PE Foam Rollers for Practitioners or Patients

Medifor's smooth foam rollers are made from durable white high density foam and available in your choice of round or half-round, as well as a selection of roller lengths ranging from 12" to 48".

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Benefits and Uses of Foam Rollers

Note: Always consult your doctor or physical therapist before beginning a foam roller routine. Foam rollers are increasingly popular and used for physical therapy exercises, exercise recovery, and muscle therapy. These are common for those who have sedentary jobs or are standing for long periods of time. Foam rolling and the self-myofascial release (SMR) technique can potentially include benefits like:
  • Easing muscle aches/pains and stiffness
  • Increasing range of motion with stretching
  • Restoring flexibility
  • Can potentially improve blood flow
These foam rollers are ideal for practitioners and providers such as physical therapists, massage therapists, and trainers, as well as for patients and those looking to recover after exercise.

PE Foam In Depth

Each roller is 6" in diameter and made from white polyethylene foam, which is known for being durable, lightweight and resilient. The closed-cell nature of the material means this foam is resistant to mildew and mold which likes to affix to porous surfaces. For cleaning and disinfecting, we recommend using mild soapy water and a damp cloth, allowing the roller to completely air dry. Avoid keeping your foam roller in direct sunlight for extended periods as UV rays may impact the material over the long term.
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