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Medifor Physical Therapy Stairs

Physical therapy stairs are a must-have tool for any physical or occupational therapist looking to help their patients regain mobility. Compact, nested treatment stairs are perfect for the therapist who is short on space, while larger facilities may benefit from a training stair and ramp combination. Training stairs offer a variety of treatment options to help your patients improve their walking and climbing abilities. Ergonomically developed for added comfort during the treatment process, these sturdy staircases are designed for patients with orthopedic, neurological, or other diagnoses that require this specialized rehabilitation treatment.

We offer several types of physical therapy and occupational therapy staircase sets. Many practitioners seek out low clearance staircases for areas with low ceiling heights. A more traditional option includes straight staircases with either 1 or 2 sections. A multi-section staircase is beneficial because it allows the patient or user to continue forward in their journey without having to turn around. Convertible stairs are a common choice for those looking to switch their stair sets from a straight staircase to an L-shaped stairway. We also carry several options with bariatric weight limits, including up to 1000 lbs.

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