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Physical Therapy, Mobility, and Ambulation Training Equipment

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From physical therapists and occupational therapists to home users, Medifor has the rehab equipment you need to help you, or your patients, achieve comfort once again. Portable mat tables and power plinth tables will help any physical therapist treat their patients in style and with confidence. Our powerful and easy to use percussive massager is perfect for professional and home use, making it a must-have piece of physical therapy equipment for anyone looking to enhance comfort.

Whether you run an established practice or are opening a brand new facility, every physical and occupational therapist needs the right tools to get their job done. Medifor offers rehabilitation therapists and their patients the products and equipment they need no matter the condition they are treating. All of our products are affordable without sacrificing quality, as we know durability is of the utmost importance when it comes to rehab equipment.

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